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Landing Page Optimization

There are two main types of landing pages—a reference landing page and a transactional landing page. Each has a primary focus and the need for each is dependent on the nature of your local marketing campaign.

Reference Landing Page

This type of landing page is an SEO friendly page that is typically informative in nature. The visitor is greeted with information about the company and directed, either through navigation menus or on-page content, to other pages within the website—all of which are crawled by search engine spiders. These landing pages are effective in introducing businesses to potential
clients and educating them on their services and service specialties.

Transactional Landing Page

This type of landing page is one that is focused on persuading visitors to complete a transaction. This may be as simple as filling out a form or interacting with page specific objects or
advertisements. The goal is to first present impactful and important information to the visitor regarding a business’s products or services with a prompt for user information for the purposes of converting the user into a customer. Transaction based landing pages are typically used as a means of Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns.

Improved Conversions

In our experience and research into user behavior online, we are able to make improvements in regard to landing pages improving overall results as well as conversion percentage—whether your landing page is reference or transaction based. Our team has the knowledge and understanding of what each visitor and target market looks for, and will create and update landing pages in a way that leads to the optimized conversion path.

What Makes a Great Transactional Landing Page?

When it comes to transaction based landing pages, the following improvements can make a big difference:

Large Buttons

Irresistible Offers

Concise, Clear Messages

Persuasive Call to Action

Value Driven Bullets

Limited Navigation